Student Services

Our school is committed to the academic, social and emotional well-being of all our students Pre-K to 12. Our dedicated team of guidance counselors and learning specialists provide individualized support to unlock the potential of all students. At GOA we value the whole child which includes their social, emotional,physical and mental well-being as well as their academic potential. Our goal is to nurture each student’s academic growth through a deeper understanding of their strengths and to introduce tools and strategies that will help them navigate their coursework. Every student has a support team that includes guidance counselors, learning specialists, and teachers that work together to monitor student progress and offer specialized academic and emotional support when necessary.

Academic Support

  • Meet one-on-one with students to provide academic support including study skills, organization, executive functioning and time management.

  • Coordinate evaluations with the Child Study Team.

  • Provide targeted support to students in small groups and individually.

  • Implementation of recommended accommodations.

  • Coordinate academic support with faculty members to ensure equal access to learning for all students.

  • Support classroom teachers in best practices that benefit all students.

  • Liaison with outside providers.

  • Meet with parents for progress reporting.

  • Grade level meetings to monitor student progress.

Social Emotional Support

  • Provide social emotional support to students and their families

  • Help build community for grade and division cohorts by providing many school-sponsored social opportunities to help students build positive relationships

  • Teach problem-solving, advocacy and interpersonal relationship-building skills

  • Liaison with outside providers including therapists

  • Crisis support

  • Parent education

  • Serve on Health and Wellness Committee 

  • Student education programs on topics including stress and anxiety

  • Experts on children and adolescent development

  • Grade level meetings to support student needs and evaluate grade dynamics

College Guidance

  • Provide individualized and expert college guidance support to students and their families starting in 9th grade to help identify student college interests and needs and match them with the best fit colleges

  • Provide personalized assistance in every aspect of the college application and financial aid process. This assistance includes
    • Standardized testing
    • Common applications
    • College visits
    • Essay writing
    • Interviews
    • Financial aid applications

  • Provide our students with the opportunity to meet with campus representatives at GOA

  • We connect you to an incredible network of GOA alumni on campuses all across the country

  • Visit our College Guidance page to learn more!

Student Services Team

List of 15 members.

  • Photo of Lori Jaffe

    Lori Jaffe 

    Director of Student Services
  • Photo of Valerie Bloch

    Valerie Bloch 

    Learning Specialist, Lower School
  • Photo of Marisa Edelstein

    Marisa Edelstein 

    General Studies Teacher & Learning Specialist, Lower School
  • Photo of Sandi Fein

    Sandi Fein 

    Learning Specialist, Lower School
  • Photo of Linda Friedman

    Linda Friedman 

    Learning Specialist, Lower School
  • Photo of Gena Jarmel

    Gena Jarmel 

    Programming Coordinator/Learning Specialist and Math Faculty, Lower School
  • Photo of Denise Kanrich

    Dr. Denise Kanrich 

    Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Donna Karp

    Donna Karp 

    Guidance Counselor, Lower School
  • Photo of Robert Klein

    Dr. Robert Klein 

    Learning Specialist, Upper School
  • Photo of Jacqueline  Levinson

    Jacqueline  Levinson 

    Learning Specialist, Upper School
  • Photo of Michelle Pierce

    Michelle Pierce 

    Learning Specialist, Upper School
  • Photo of Elisa Schenker

    Elisa Schenker 

    Guidance Counselor, Upper School
  • Photo of Krista Sergi

    Krista Sergi 

    Guidance Counselor, Upper School
  • Photo of Lisa Spielman

    Lisa Spielman 

    Learning Specialist, Upper School
  • Photo of Christine Sunberg

    Christine Sunberg 

    Learning Specialist, Upper School